‘Gossip Girl’ Shuts Down Taylor Momsen

gossip girl 
Well, well, well. It seems that going from the picture on the left (and this) to this DOES have a negative consequence on your acting career. Gossip Girl viewers will be seeing less of Jenny, as Taylor Momsen has been put on hiatus by the show and will not be featured in any more produced episodes. So she might still appear in a few, but she won’t be making any anytime soon.
This is of course welcome news to Gossip Girl fans who have become tired of the actress’ off set behavior, which has included, but was not limited to, dressing in very inappropriate attire for a classy show, excessive drinking, and bashing other actresses around her age. Her role of Jenny has been delegated to a peripheral spot as of this season, so it is not assumed that she will be missed.

But from all the male viewers who are forced to watch the show with their girlfriends, there's the WHY?. So she’s rebelling a little. Who doesn’t go through a little goth phase and get really into punk and dress really weird? Let the kid have her fun. Except for the whole drinking and drug stuff. Kids shouldn’t do that. And the clothes she wears? What, like your mom never complained about the stuff you wore? Come on. Wait. She’s 17? And she’s been doing this for how long? Holy cow, get that girl a bible and a sweater, she needs a lesson or something. That’s just crazy. And wrong.

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