A 'Gossip Girl' And A 'TRON' Hunk Belt A Country Tune

Despite her missteps on Gossip Girl time and again, it seems that when it comes to on-screen chemistry, B’s got it. (She’s also managed to make me jealous in a matter of seconds by having such fantastic onscreen chemistry with her handsome costar.) A clip from the upcoming film, Country Strong, shows Leighton Meester using those pipes we discovered back when she lent her voice to Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad” and with her more recent, yet still unreleased album featuring the Ke$ha-esque track, “You’re Love’s a Drug.”

She can carry a tune, albeit without much of the country twang that her country star character would most likely bring to the song, but I’ll let it slide. The real nugget of awesomeness in this clip of an otherwise sweet, but boring song is the fact that TRON: Legacy hottie Garret Hedlund shares the stage with Meester and can actually belt a tune too. He may be sporting a slightly flesh-colored beard a la Spencer Pratt, but he’s sane enough (and handsome enough) to pull it off. Ladies, I know that the inner workings of video games probably aren’t your thing, but I bet after seeing Hedlund swoon-worthy country performance, you’re at least a little interested in sneaking into the theater (with shades and a Jackie O headscarf obscuring your face to avoid the nerdy shame) to endure a couple hours of nerddom just so you can catch a glimpse of Hedlund’s hiney in those glowing spandex jumpsuits. Be honest, the thought did cross your mind.

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