Travolta's Alleged Extortionist Maintains Innocence

Pleasant Bridgewater, along with Paramedic Tarino Lightbourne, is alleged to have conspired to have the Grease legend and his wife Kelly Preston hand over the huge sum of cash to stop them leaking details surrounding Jett Travolta's death last January (09) to the media.
The pair went to trial in October (09), only for a mistrial to be declared after a bumbling jury member leaked the verdict to local politicians. A new trial has been slated for September (10).
Bridgewater has taken the chance to proclaim her innocence again - and is using sentences from Luther King, Jr.'s legendary speeches to back up her pleas.
In a statement to, she writes, "I do maintain my 100 per cent total and complete innocence and will defend myself. As one great writer said, 'No lie will live forever' and 'truth crushed to the Earth will rise again.'"
The statement comes just days after fellow accused Lightbourne stood on the steps of a Bahamas courthouse and appealed for the public to help pay his legal fees, insisting he's struggling to support his family and his home has gone into foreclosure.

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