Salman Khan (Sallu) makes Katrina Kaif (Kat) Cry

Katrina  Kaif  attended the worst press conference of her life, where a session organised for one of the brands the actress endorses turned out to be a free-for-all grueling barrage of questions about her split with Salman Khan. At first Katrina took it in her stride and tried to smile through most of the questions. But soon, completely unnerved by the jibes and comments from the members of the press, Katrina lost all control over her emotions and blurted, “If Salman says we’ve split, it must be true.” She walked out of press conference soon after. But this wasn’t before she actually bawled in front of everyone.
A close friend, who accompanied the actress, said, “Katrina is a strong girl and not prone to public display of emotion. But on Tuesday night she broke down and wept after the event, wondering why she was being subjected to questions on something that Salman had said.”
Elaborating on why Katrina is so angry, her friend added, “Firstly, it was unfair of Salman to speak about their so-called split; they had decided between themselves that they would never talk in public about what transpired between them.
Katrina has been hurting ever since Salman made the remark that he is now single. Katrina, on the other hand, shares a very personal relationship with Salman’s family and she would never put it up for public scrutiny.”
When asked about the events at the press conference on Tuesday evening, Katrina admitted it shook her up and said, ” What happened was very, very disturbing. I had the entire congregation of media persons questioning me about a statement made by Salman.
If for all these years I haven’t spoken about the relationship, why should I do so now? I won’t be bullied into talking about my personal life. I am going to take contractual action to ensure limits are not crossed at these events.”
After this incident, Katrina has decided to add a few amendments to her contract that will ensure that she is asked questions only related to the brand she has chosen to endorse.
At the moment however, Katrina is badly shaken up, if not by this incident, then definitely about Salman’s public declaration. Her friend said, “She doesn’t know what to make of it. Whether they are together or not is not a matter for public discussion. And at the moment she is not interested in flashing a ‘single and available’ label.”
As a concluding statement, the actress firmly added, “Whether it is my personal or public space, I’ve noticed I allow people to take too many liberties. From now on my personal life remains out of public eye. And those who wish to share a personal equation with me better respect that.”
We hear you Katz, loud and clear. Ahem, actually we don’t.

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