Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Engaged

prince william and kate middleton
  • SON OF A BITCH. Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged. They are planning a spring or summer wedding in London in 2011. She's going to be a princess all year round. SON OF A BITCH. - MSNBC
  • Even though Jessica Simpson announced her engagement to Eric Johnson just a week after Nick Lachey announced his engagement to Vanessa Minnillo, Nick still wishes Jessica the best. Yeah, right. Like there's not even one "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" voicemail floating around. - US
  • Jessica Simpson's engagement ring is from something like 1900 and is worth $100,000. It is approximately an 4 carat, oval shaped ruby, with two diamonds from Neil Lane on either side of it. It is set in yellow gold. An expert jeweler calls it "a classy ring for a classy lady," so I'll keep my thoughts to myself. - Popeater
  • Julianne Hough "could not be happier" with Ryan Seacrest. Do you think she's happy when she's the first girl out in a game of musical chairs, too? - People
  • In this month's Allure magazine, Taylor Swift admits she has a phobia about being in the wrong relationship. Does she know how good the levophphobics out there think she has it? - US
  • And yet, she's willing to have Jake Gyllenhaal spent $165,000 on a private jet to fly her out to the UK! - News AU
  • Lindsay Lohan is making really stellar progress with regards to her addictions in rehab, but the one thing she's having trouble with anxiety. DRAMATIC CRECENDO, DRAMATIC CRECENDO, DRAMATIC CRECENDO. - Radar
  • Britney Spears' parents are reconciling after being separated for 8 years. Their reason for rekindling things? Because "there's still love there" and they've "been through so much." - US
  • And even though they're the least important engaged people these days, here are some details about the Richie/Madden wedding. - Radar 

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