New Man In Kangna Ranaut Life?

The good news is that Kangna Ranaut is taken. You cannot expect a Bollywood hottie like her to remain single indefinitely. And the new man in actress’ life is said to be director Mohit Suri. They’re not exactly painting the town red. But, away from the prying eyes of friends and
the media, they are a couple. Of that, there is little doubt. Mohit’s car has been spotted parked in Kangna’s building late at night. Actually, this is a renewed ‘relationship’.
During the making of Woh Lamhe, Mohit and Kangna were reportedly seeing each other already. But at that time, Mohit was serious about actress Udita Goswami. Even now, the suave director continues to remain discreet.
As for Kangna, she still goes around saying she’s single and not yet ready to mingle. But then, not for nothing is she one of our finest actresses!

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