Miley Cyrus Caught Sexting?

miley cyrus caught sexting 
• Uh-oh Miley, what happened to your clothes? The singer and teen idol has some ‘splainin’ to do after nude pictures surfaced this morning on a Canadian blog. Supposedly, Cyrus sexted the photos which were stored on her allegedly stolen iPhone, but since they are clearly missing the tattoo she now has under her breast, it could be an underage pic of the now 18 year old star or it could be a fake. Either way, it's all a little fishy. Of course Miley claims it isn’t her, but after seeing her skanky leather birthday outfit that I can only guess was inspired by Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrrty” video, I wouldn’t put it past her. -The Daily News
Darren Aronofsky really wants to see Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis make out again. After the ladies steamed up the screen in his latest flick, Black Swan, men everywhere thanked God for their good fortune. In an interview with MTV, Aronofsky made an appeal to make it happen all over again, saying he hoped the film would get an MTV movie award for “Best Kiss” so he could relive the glory of the infamous scene. He may be wildly talented, but he’s still a dude and no straight guy would turn down the chance to see those two make out...again. -MTV

Britney Spears is sick and tired of all this talk about the audio tapes her former husband of less than a day has been leaking to gossip sites. The tapes condemn Brit’s boyfriend or fiancé (but who really cares) of beating her, but Brit’s not taking it, y’all. She fired back on her Twitter saying “PS – Star Magazine, Radar Online, Jason Alexander and the rest of you liars, Ya’ll can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ass!” Don’t worry Brit, the tapes make you out to sound like a character from Gone With The Wind, so I don’t think anyone was actually buying it anyway. - E!

• Okay, now before I say anything, promise me you won’t panic. Justin Timberlake has been injured and he may never dance again….okay not really. He’s just injured and he’ll be totally fine. The star hurt his leg while filming a stunt on set for his upcoming sci-fi thriller, Now, but he returns to the set today so all is well. (The film where no one ages past 25 and hottie Olivia Wilde is playing his mother. Talk about mommy issues.) - Us

• Leave it to The Gosselins to ruin Christmas. Kate Gosselin’s darling gaggle of eight kids don’t believe in Santa Claus - their childhood has officially been stolen from them. Great job, John and Kate. But it’s not just their youths that are ruined; the kids have taken to sharing their joyless wisdom with schoolmates, telling them Santa doesn’t exist and “your parents have been lying to you.” This seizure of youthful delight has caused Jon a few headaches thanks to calls from angry parents deploring him to stop letting his cheerless children ruin Santa for everyone else. Most wonderful time of the year, eh? -Radar Online

• Last but not least, Tea Party politician Christine O’Donnell has used her star power to set a plan in motion to release a new drinking game. The game will be released by St. Martin’s Press will come in the form of a book chronicling her frustrations with everyone’s preoccupations about her views on masturbation and her admission about dabbling in witchcraft that factored into her eventual loss in the Senate race. Okay, so it’s not a drinking game per se, but that’s sure as hell what I’ll be using it for. -EW

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