Malin Akerman Replaces Lindsay Lohan In ‘Inferno’

malin akerman 
Poor Lindsay Lohan. The one thing she had to hold on to during her whole ordeal over the summer was that she was a working actress attached to star in the Linda Lovelace biopic, Inferno. It came up during every court hearing and every new celebrity person toted it as proof that she still had a career. And now, all that remains is the breeze of the career train passing her by once again. Lindsay Lohan has been replaced with Malin Akerman.
On one hand, I’m kind of saddened by this news. I was genuinely (and ungenuinely, for that matter) looking forward to Lohan in this role. As a warm blooded male, of course I was up for a fiery redhead playing a porn star. But as someone with more than half a brain and a fan of Mean Girls, I thought this could be something great for her. The Linda Lovelace story is a very tragic tale and if Lohan could pull it off it would’ve been fantastic.

But alas, it seems the unfortunate is true. The producers and director just couldn’t get it made with Lohan in the role. I don’t know if it's fact or not that she doesn’t show up sometimes or never has her lines ready, but I do understand that the people behind the movie can’t exactly wait on her to get her act together. They have a dedication to the movie that can’t wait so it's unfortunate that they couldn’t wait on Lohan. It's also unfortunate that she was a totally selfish talentless bitch to them and they dropped her harder than the second week box office of a Twilight movie.

Either way, we now have Malin Akerman in the role. In trading a redheaded drug enthusiast for a blond Swede who has a penchant for getting naked on screen, you aren’t really losing. Akerman has been a pleasant surprise in her movies (Watchmen, Harold and Kumar) and has a surprisingly good taste for comedy (Children’s Hospital and Wanderlust). She has done the serious acting, but never this high profile. We would be excited about this project even if Akerman wouldn’t be getting very naked, but sometimes life gives your lemons... and hot naked Swedes.

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