Lohan Arrested For Criminal Contempt

Lohan has reportedly been trying to contact Erin Muller, and allegedly called her work phone last Thursday (21Jan10) - a direct violation of the ban his former fiancee has against him.
Lohan was taken in by Nassau County Police in New York on Thursday (28Jan10).
Joan Eames, Public Information officer at Nassau County Police Department, confirmed Lohan's arrest, telling RadarOnline.com he was detained for "criminal contempt of his Order of Protection".
Lohan has denied the charges against him, accusing Muller of lying about the phone call.
He tells the website, "Erin lied and pressed charges. She is being arrested again in NY City and Nassau County 2nd Precinct. Erin said I called her but she lied because she heard I was in Costa Rica instead. I have proof and she doesn't. Her lawyer asked for money to drop the charges. How is it that I have proof and she doesn't?"
He is due in court over the matter on 25 February (10).
Lohan was previously accused of breaking the terms of his restraining order by contacting Muller in November (09). Meanwhile, Lohan accused Muller of kicking him in the head during a heated argument later that month, but the case was dismissed earlier this month (Jan10).

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