Jessica Simpson Proves She's Not Pregnant 
• Jessica Simpson really wants to prove she’s not having a shotgun wedding, y’all. She and her fiancé were slinging back margaritas and tequila shots after the Rockefeller Center tree lighting in New York. Nothing says, “No way in hell am I having a baby” like drunken PDA and tequila shots. You win, Ms. Simpson. -NY Post • Cute as a button actress Reese Witherspoon finally got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In case her toothy grin and goldilocks weren’t enough, she accepted star No. 2,425 alongside her rosy cheeked 11 year old daughter and adorable 7 year old son. Oh, and for good measure, she was also holding a puppy. Cute overload; I think my brain just turned into fluffy, pink cotton candy. 
-LA Times
• Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis gave up their “sweatpants nights” watching Top Chef for months and months of training and celery sticks for Black Swan (okay, I’m assuming the celery sticks part). Kunis said while filming she was “always hungry” and once she was finished she broke her ballerina diet with Panda Express at the JFK food court. I’d make some snarky comment about the lowliest form of airport food, but she earned it. Enjoy that greasy grub, girlie. -MTV
• Don’t ask Kirsten Dunst about the latest it-couple. Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest love interest is a sore spot for Dunst, who snapped at reporters at the New York premiere of All Good Things. In the wake of his
Taylor Swift romance, the question on everyone’s mind is what Jake’s on-again off-again girlfriend up until 2004 thinks, right? Or maybe we’re all wondering why a 29 year old is dating someone who’s not even old enough to drink, I think we can live without a quote from Kirsten. -Us
• It’s official, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric will gleek out alongside Sue Sylvester on the post-Super Bowl episode of Glee. She may have had her sights set on Dancing With the Stars to fulfill her showbiz dreams but honestly, Katie, I think Glee’s a better option. Plus, maybe she can give Sue a few pointers on her next “Sue’s Corner” segment. -NY Magazine
• Kate Winslet is secretly in love with Michelle Williams…er, sort of. The British actress hosted a private dinner for Williams during which she admitted having a “secret love affair” with the star “from a distance.” Of course, she made sure to banish the creepy by clarifying that Williams’ talent makes her want to be her friend. Besides, I don’t think anyone would be creeped out if Kate Winslet dreamed of being their friend. Kate, you can have dreams of a “fantasy friendship” with me any day. -NY Post

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