Ajay Devgn Gets Deadly With Cars

Ajay Devgn is trying to make a name for himself with stunts. With the Golmaal series, he has taken that leap of faith. While in the first part of Golmaal, we saw Ajay Devgn make an entry on a sports bike (a bit of a throwback to his debut Phool aur Kaante).

In Golmaal Returns, we saw him making an entrance balancing on two hummers, but this time with Golmaal 3, Devgn is pulling a stunt which is bigger and better than the last two.
Our source said, “Ajay Devgn will be seen balancing himself on two Dodge cars, one bright pink, the other yellow. But here is the catch. The cars were driven on only two wheels.
Balancing on two inclined cars becomes a task, but not for Ajay Devgn. He performed this stunt with ease without a harness or a cable.”
When contacted, Rohit Shetty, director of Golmaal 3, said, “Yes, it is true and the most interesting part was that he used no harness or cable. It took us three days to figure out how it can be pulled off and took us one day to shoot it.”

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